Investment in off-campus student housing emerged over the last two decades from fragmented, local ownership into a sought after institutional grade investment strategy. The development of purpose-built properties utilizing professional management legitimized student housing as a distinct real estate investment type. The resilient desire for students to obtain a college education and take part in the irreplaceable experience that on-campus learning provides continues to produce an enduring demand for housing. The performance of the student housing sector through the GFC and, most recently, a worldwide pandemic has thoroughly proven this thesis.

Successful student housing projects require a capacity to deliver a physical space along with onsite programming that offers a unique value to each student body as well as their parents. This requires experience, direction with purpose, and a critical analysis of each markets characteristics inclusive of the student body culture and existing market competitors. Every project has to provide a compelling proposition to tenants via a combination of location, product, program, and price. We deliver this through thoughtfully designed spaces, brand development, and creating an environment that delivers the promised lifestyle.

When properly approached, the student housing market is one that can consistently deliver an impressive return. With a new set of potential renters moving into the area each academic year, a well-maintained community that develops a reputation for providing an unparalleled lifestyle experience can stay at full capacity indefinitely.