Our Portfolio

At Alta Terra, we don’t measure success by transaction volume. We know from experience that quality eats quantity’s lunch every time. We identify opportunities, perform extensive due diligence and then take action only if a property meets our stringent criteria.

It’s all about high-value. We build and acquire properties that provide lifestyle value to residents and that deliver financial value to investors. We’re happy to let other firms battle for the top spot on the “Mediocre Properties Developed” list. Our goal is to be #1 on the “Profit Per Property” list.

In Progress

Trolley Square Apartments, Downtown SLC, UT
ATRE Sugar House, Salt Lake City, UT
Downtown SLC, UT Redevelopment
Tradition Multifamily & Build-for-Rent, Port St. Lucie, FL
Build-for-Rent Townhomes & Cottages, Huntsville, AL
Build-for-Rent & Apartments, Rogers, AR
Multifamily & Build-for-Rent, Ocala, FL
Build-for-Rent Townhomes, Simpsonville, SC
Bueno Ave. Apartments, Salt Lake City, UT


Windsor Hall – Gainesville
Valley State College
Helix Starkville

Let us tell you more about our portfolio and why adding to it through a partnership with Alta Terra is a good business decision. Reach out today.