The vast majority of multifamily development consists of commoditized product with repeated designs and generic operating strategies. Even before the renter profile shifted from renter-by-necessity to renter-by-choice it was clear that investors who focused on delivering a unique experience via a well-planned property, a thoughtful brand, and a targeted operating program would insure a successful project and likely realize outsized returns.

Upon identifying fundamental economic and demographic growth in a given market Alta Terra shifts to targeting select submarkets and neighborhoods. The characteristics of regional industry and jobs, geography, density, culture, social norms, and lifestyle choices will define the product type we pursue. The intent is to target the most underserved demand within regions producing exception economic and population.

Product Types

Urban Infill

Experiential living located within sought after neighborhoods in the core of economic and cultural nodes where our thoughtful amenity set, value add programming, and leading designs have a positive impact on our tenants, communities, and neighbors.

Suburban Attainable Housing

Delivering a lifestyle oriented product at an achievable rent in close proximity to job centers, family amenities and services. Many times we will new class A product to a location where legacy properties are overpriced due to lack of new supply. We deliver strong value proposition to tenants; a brand new class A apartment and experience at a marginal premium to dated and under managed competitors.