Demographics, evolving lifestyles, and household economics have consistently shifted in favor of rental housing vs home ownership. Home ownership has persistently become less and less attainable due to construction costs, flat income growth, and tighter lending standards. For many reasons homeownership has been deferred by choice as young families desire to remain flexible, untethered, and seek the social benefits of a well-managed community. Further, the cost of renting an apartment for a family of four or more is prohibitively expensive and supply of those larger units is limited. Demographic statistics compound the issue; the largest and fastest growing demographic group in the US is reaching family formation age. The traditional multifamily apartment flat will not accommodate them and they cannot afford to be a homeowner.

Alta Terra develops purpose built single family rental communities that create a sense of place through thoughtful neighborhood design. We deliver an operating program and amenity set that creates value for our tenant base while establishing a unique brand and sense of community. Our communities are strategically located adjacent to employment centers and within strong school districts. The locations provide for efficient connection to transportation hubs, access to shopping and essential services as well as regional entertainment nodes.