Managing select assets for maximum profitability is an art. It requires skill in keeping residents happy and units filled while also keeping expenses low. Our team excels in the many aspects of ensuring communities operate efficiently and cost-effectively, including:

Leasing Program

The word-of-mouth advertising we get from happy residents is crucial to keeping units leased, but it’s not our only tactic. At each community we manage, we implement a leasing program tailored to the area and to the needs of potential residents.

Lifestyle Program

It’s no secret that “lifestyle” is one of the most important words in residential real estate today. We ensure that our residents have a lifestyle experience that doesn’t just meet their minimum standards but fully exceeds their expectations. We do this by implementing amenities that are ideal for each location and its residents. That includes “value adds” like career advice and resume services, fitness facilities and classes, cooking lessons and events, assistance with finding social or psychological services and much more.

Financial Management

From budgeting and tax tracking to insurance issues, contingent liabilities and outstanding contractual obligations, we attend to every detail so there are no financial “surprises” to negatively impact profitability.

Succeeding in these areas ensures that properties have a positive cash flow, and that this revenue helps support other areas of our business.

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