One of the most important aspects of real estate is finding the right parcels to develop on and the right properties to acquire.

The Alta Terra team loves this challenge and has unmatched insight when it comes to fitting all the puzzle pieces—asset class, develop/purchase, area demographics, etc.—together to complete a project and achieve an impressive return.

Property Sourcing

From maintaining a high level of broker engagement to conducting market visits before we ever consider moving forward with a deal, our team understands how to gather the information to make smart business decisions. That includes turning intel into a defined set of deliverables.

Not only do these items help us evaluate the current deal, they’re resources we can look back at when assessing future deals

Financing and Capital Raising

Having financial resources at the ready can make all the difference in completing a transaction or coming in second place. That’s why we’ve honed our skills in the many “money side” disciplines: data aggregation, pitch book development, outreach and network building, and general and limited partner relationships.

Plus, each area of our diversified real estate portfolio provides capital to support the others.

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